Eric’s Benefit/Fundraiser

I ended up befriending Eric Rutulante who writes for and is part of as well, on facebook. I saw that there was a fundraiser for Eric on 8/13/2010 and people were donating items to auction off and raise money for his treatment.

I had just started crocheting and embarked on creating a bouquet of flowers in a vase for the auction. It was a very ambitious project for my first real completed piece. I didn’t know exactly how it was going to work but I just started and learned as I went along. I learned to make leaves, crochet around wire to form the stems and created a bunch of various flower types. I had to figure out how to connect them and perfect my stitching style. I spent many hours working on it. It came out beautiful and was a hit. It felt incredible to finally be able to create something from nothing, in that I mean I took some skeins of yarn and created a beautiful vase filled with creative flowers.

The stones in the vase were collected from the Delaware River. Some of them got painted with a clear glaze to give them a shiny wet look. I wanted to give this project as many personal touches as I could.


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