Mallory Qualls’ Fundraiser

This benefit hit home for me. A young girl who is battling lyme was having a fundraiser, I had very short notice to make the items and get them there but I felt compelled to help in any way that I was able. I sat up for hours the night before the day I had to express mail the package out and finished up these two scarves. One was a white diamond shaped scarf that my mom made . I decided to edge it with fun furry yarn to breathe some life into it. With blue silvery yarn I made a thicker variation of the chenille scarves I have listed for sale. Even though it was under pressure I thoroughly enjoyed being able to create things to help other people 🙂

Please contact me if you are interested in having some of my pieces at your auction for a benefit or fundraiser you are having!!

[I will add images from the fundraiser when I get them, I can’t wait to see them!! :)]


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