Yay for Bartering!

How I love meeting all these incredible crafters and business owners with Lyme. This means we can use the barter system to trade and get what we both want! I love Lisa’s Candles (smellsamazing.com) and she said she very much wanted some Lyme Awareness Jewelry. we are trading my jewelry for her candles. Sooooo, excited! Those candles make my house so much more inviting by filling it with such delicious scents. It warms my soul as well as my olfactory senses, I swear. So these are the first two pieces I am trading with. I am also making a necklace, soon I will post a blog with the picture of that. I haven’t fully formulated the path I want to take with making the necklace quite yet, so I don’t have any idea of what it will look like yet. All in the fun of creating it 🙂

I will be making some more similar to these and posting them for sale soon enough.

One more, Yay for bartering and meeting awesome people in the process!

I love my Lyme Family!!


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