a smidgen of my story

My Lyme story is long, complicated, and hellish – just like everyone else’s. I was sent from doctor to doctor, finding no answers. I was told I was nuts until one doctor understood what was happening, and offered to help. After years of aggressive treatment, I found myself in remission, then I relapsed, and then did it all over again.

Crafting For Lyme is a very special project for me. My Father was an artist, which is how we made our living as a family. Mom ran the business, and Dad created the art. For the longest time I have been searching for some artistic talent somewhere deep inside of me. I have found interest in many different artistic crafts, tried them, and failed. Recently, something clicked; years after my first few failed attempts, crocheting suddenly made sense.

It is a beautiful, mathematical art. It warms my heart, quiets my brain and makes me feel like I am an artistic success in some way! Hopefully, I will find many more creative crafts that I can offer to help raise awareness of the disease that almost took everything from me. *UPDATE – I have now found the same kind of serenity and beauty in making jewelry, my blog is split between jewelry and crocheting now….and soon to be other types of handmade goods I have been working on!

A percentage of the proceeds from most of the handcrafted items sold through Crafting for Lyme will be donated to Lyme organizations dedicated to researching the disease, raising awareness, finding new treatments, and many other wonderful benefits to the Lyme Community.

For each item the blog will specify which charities will receive these donations. Some items could even be used to raise awareness and funds for other causes as time goes on. The possibilities are endless…

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    Josette said,

    I think what you are doing is wonderful. You are a beautiful woman and I am sorry for your pain. Blessings to you.
    A mom of a lyme victim

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