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New Life – Upcycle

So my Mom found a bunch of my Great-Grandmother’s or Grandmothers (not sure which)  broken jewelry to take apart and make into new creations. I am super excited to upcycle them into incredible pieces. It remains to be seen if I will be able to part with them, hahaha. Here is a picture of some of the new parts I get to work with 🙂 The white necklace in the second picture I am going to basically take apart to put it back together almost exactly as pictured, I may or may not put my own twist on it, but it is so gorgeous I can’t wait to wear it out! So here is the before shot….will post the “afters” as they are executed.

The picture below is from my photography project – project 365 (take a picture every day for a year)….If you want to see any of the other project pictures, they live at this link:


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Letters for Lyme 2011 Responses

I was wondering if anyone else got any responses worth talking about?

Letters for Lyme 2011 in my opinion was a successful campaign. Many people joined in the movement. It felt great to be part of something so much larger than myself. Seeing all of us united is very indicative of the things to come, of the things we can accomplish together.

I sent out a total of around 70 snail mail letters not including the 50 plus emails.

I received two letters in the regular mail and a few emails back. At least the two snail mail letters showed that whoever received the letter actually read it, or most of it.

The replies were slightly intelligent. They cited Lyme Disease, explained the research being done and who is doing what. Blah Blah, agreed with the IDSA guidelines and then and directed me to contact the CDC. The old game of pass the buck. However, it was nice to get some sort of response. In spite of the fact that I only received few responses it felt like a small victory. The more people that hear our stories and our voices, the more awareness we spread and that is the point, right?

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Yay for Bartering!

How I love meeting all these incredible crafters and business owners with Lyme. This means we can use the barter system to trade and get what we both want! I love Lisa’s Candles ( and she said she very much wanted some Lyme Awareness Jewelry. we are trading my jewelry for her candles. Sooooo, excited! Those candles make my house so much more inviting by filling it with such delicious scents. It warms my soul as well as my olfactory senses, I swear. So these are the first two pieces I am trading with. I am also making a necklace, soon I will post a blog with the picture of that. I haven’t fully formulated the path I want to take with making the necklace quite yet, so I don’t have any idea of what it will look like yet. All in the fun of creating it 🙂

I will be making some more similar to these and posting them for sale soon enough.

One more, Yay for bartering and meeting awesome people in the process!

I love my Lyme Family!!

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Welcome to

So it’s time to build the site and make Crafting for Lyme a reality…..

Please bear with me as this site is under construction. I will be posting blogs about which items are for sale. Thank you for your patience!

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