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New Life – Upcycle

So my Mom found a bunch of my Great-Grandmother’s or Grandmothers (not sure which)  broken jewelry to take apart and make into new creations. I am super excited to upcycle them into incredible pieces. It remains to be seen if I will be able to part with them, hahaha. Here is a picture of some of the new parts I get to work with 🙂 The white necklace in the second picture I am going to basically take apart to put it back together almost exactly as pictured, I may or may not put my own twist on it, but it is so gorgeous I can’t wait to wear it out! So here is the before shot….will post the “afters” as they are executed.

The picture below is from my photography project – project 365 (take a picture every day for a year)….If you want to see any of the other project pictures, they live at this link:


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Mallory Qualls’ Fundraiser

This benefit hit home for me. A young girl who is battling lyme was having a fundraiser, I had very short notice to make the items and get them there but I felt compelled to help in any way that I was able. I sat up for hours the night before the day I had to express mail the package out and finished up these two scarves. One was a white diamond shaped scarf that my mom made . I decided to edge it with fun furry yarn to breathe some life into it. With blue silvery yarn I made a thicker variation of the chenille scarves I have listed for sale. Even though it was under pressure I thoroughly enjoyed being able to create things to help other people 🙂

Please contact me if you are interested in having some of my pieces at your auction for a benefit or fundraiser you are having!!

[I will add images from the fundraiser when I get them, I can’t wait to see them!! :)]

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Angela Castle’s Fundraiser

I love being able to participate in fundraisers! For this one, I made a slightly thicker and longer version of the royal purple scarf for sale on this blog. Mom made a beautiful grey and black set for the benefit! A grey cloche type hat with a black flower and a grey tunisian crocheted scarf with a black flower. I had to send them as a set as I couldn’t bear to break apart a gorgeous set like that.I am hoping they helped Angela raise money!!

If you are having a fundraiser please let me know and I can see if we can whip something up for you as well!!!

(will add pictures from the benefit when I get them, I can’t wait to see them!!! :))

Crocheted hat and scarf set made with love by Sara for Angela’s Benefit!

Royal Purple Long Scarf made with love by Abbie for Angela’s Benefit!!


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Candy Necklace Scarf

Click on the Pictures they get Bigger!!

Price: $35.00 (USD) includes shipping

WARNING: I ADVISE AGAINST EATING THIS SCARF, although it does look edible!

This is the second in the collection of scarves that have been inspired by my neighbor who knits amazingness. I found this metallic yarn and decided to combine it with the white to brighten it up. Now the white yarn is a whole nother <— (I know that is not a word, but I like it anyway) story, which I will clearly tell below.

I went to a great store in Pearl River, NY called the Stitchery. They had floor to ceiling displays of breathtaking yarn. I found some incredible yarn to take home. While my mom and I were checking out, we were discussing donating percentages of sales to charity and the super sweet woman behind the counter told me she had a bag of white acrylic yarn she would love to donate. I gladly accepted and promised to furnish pictures of all the pieces I created with this yarn.

This handmade scarf was stitched using the double crochet stitch and made with tons of love (not to mention fun). Half of the scarf was crocheted with both the metallic fiber and the white yarn together. Two inches or so of the opposite end was done the same with the remainder of the side just white. The ends and the white portion are all edged with a pastel colored fur yarn. It is fuzzy, fun and comfy.

Length: approximately 62 inches long by 4 1/4 wide

Color: White with metallic and non metallic pastels

Material: White Yarn = Acrylic, Fur Yarn = Polyester, Metallicy Yarn = 26% Viscose, 18% Dralon, 56% Polyamide <— I have no idea what these last three are, but it is super soft!

Washing Instructions: Hand wash ONLY, lay flat to dry, no ironing

To make a purchase please email me at

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Lisa Ray Benefit/Fundraiser

I saw another fundraiser for another Lyme patient and her son on 9/19/2010. This one was too far away for me to attend but I decided to create some crocheted items for her auction.
I enlisted the help of my mother (crochet extraordinaire and a part of Crafting for Lyme) and we got 2 scarves, 1 hat and 2 bracelets done in 12 days. We sent them off with handmade tags to Lisa to help raise money for her treatment.

(they put the wrong location but these are some of the items we sent)

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Eric’s Benefit/Fundraiser

I ended up befriending Eric Rutulante who writes for and is part of as well, on facebook. I saw that there was a fundraiser for Eric on 8/13/2010 and people were donating items to auction off and raise money for his treatment.

I had just started crocheting and embarked on creating a bouquet of flowers in a vase for the auction. It was a very ambitious project for my first real completed piece. I didn’t know exactly how it was going to work but I just started and learned as I went along. I learned to make leaves, crochet around wire to form the stems and created a bunch of various flower types. I had to figure out how to connect them and perfect my stitching style. I spent many hours working on it. It came out beautiful and was a hit. It felt incredible to finally be able to create something from nothing, in that I mean I took some skeins of yarn and created a beautiful vase filled with creative flowers.

The stones in the vase were collected from the Delaware River. Some of them got painted with a clear glaze to give them a shiny wet look. I wanted to give this project as many personal touches as I could.

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