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Pink and Black Star Stretchy Bracelet

Click on the pictures they get bigger!

Price: $10.00 (USD) includes shipping

Super fun and and funky handmade stretchy pink and black star bracelet. Glass pink and black star beads with silver and black beads in between them. This will go super well with the pink star and pearl earrings also listed here. About 7 inches around unstretched, this bracelet is about the same size as the earth tone and the green stretchy bracelet. Since it is made on elastic cord it will fit a variety of wrist sizes. As always everything Crafting for Lyme makes is made with love.
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A Bracelet for Sammie :)

I made this Bracelet for one of my best friends. I incorporated the most important things in life, the follow your heart charm, the pocketbook charm and a high heel charm, along with some shiny sparkly things. 😉 She loved it! I am so happy that she went crazy over it!!

Here are some pictures of it – if you click on them they get larger.

Before it left my house

Right when Sam received it 🙂

Thank you for the pictures love!!

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Stretchy Pink Bracelet

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Price: $10.00 (USD) includes shipping

Handmade Pink Stretchy Bracelet, made with pink glass large beads and pink, blue, purple, and some yellow and orange pastel glass seed beads for good measure. These bracelets have become one of my favorite things to make. I love all the colors and textures I can combine and it is a lot of fun! Goes without saying that this is made with love :). It is 7 inches in length but stretchy, so will fit on someone with a larger wrist as well. I tend to make things based off of my wrists. This one is a little bigger than some of the other ones I have made so far.

Size: about 7 inches around

Color: Mainly Pink with other pastel accents to match

Material: Glass beads on elastic bracelet cord

To make a purchase please email me at

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Pink Star Charm Bracelet

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Price: $15.00 (USD) includes shipping

This pink and silver charm bracelet has some upcycled components, yay!!! I hope Ashley reads this and is proud of me 🙂 There are two silver charms in addition to the silver an pink beads delicately dangling off of the double bracelet chain. There is a think chain with large links and running in between that chain is a smaller dainty chain which gives it a great very dimensional look. This is probably my favorite piece so far and I hope it goes to a very good home!

Size: approximately 9 inches

Color: Silver and Pink

Material: Metal

To make a purchase please email me at

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Belove Earrings

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Price: $8.00 (USD) includes shipping

These are a pair of handmade adorable and heart warming earrings with pink and black iridescent beads. They each have a charm which has a different word for each ear. These are the Belove earrings so one charm says Believe and the other says Love. They hang down about an 1 1/4.

Size: about 1 1/4″

Color: Silver, Black, Pink

Material: Metal

To make a purchase please email me at

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Candy Necklace Scarf

Click on the Pictures they get Bigger!!

Price: $35.00 (USD) includes shipping

WARNING: I ADVISE AGAINST EATING THIS SCARF, although it does look edible!

This is the second in the collection of scarves that have been inspired by my neighbor who knits amazingness. I found this metallic yarn and decided to combine it with the white to brighten it up. Now the white yarn is a whole nother <— (I know that is not a word, but I like it anyway) story, which I will clearly tell below.

I went to a great store in Pearl River, NY called the Stitchery. They had floor to ceiling displays of breathtaking yarn. I found some incredible yarn to take home. While my mom and I were checking out, we were discussing donating percentages of sales to charity and the super sweet woman behind the counter told me she had a bag of white acrylic yarn she would love to donate. I gladly accepted and promised to furnish pictures of all the pieces I created with this yarn.

This handmade scarf was stitched using the double crochet stitch and made with tons of love (not to mention fun). Half of the scarf was crocheted with both the metallic fiber and the white yarn together. Two inches or so of the opposite end was done the same with the remainder of the side just white. The ends and the white portion are all edged with a pastel colored fur yarn. It is fuzzy, fun and comfy.

Length: approximately 62 inches long by 4 1/4 wide

Color: White with metallic and non metallic pastels

Material: White Yarn = Acrylic, Fur Yarn = Polyester, Metallicy Yarn = 26% Viscose, 18% Dralon, 56% Polyamide <— I have no idea what these last three are, but it is super soft!

Washing Instructions: Hand wash ONLY, lay flat to dry, no ironing

To make a purchase please email me at

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“In your face!” Pink scarf

Click on the pictures they get bigger!!!

Price: $32.00 (USD) includes shipping

So on Halloween I went to trick or treat at one of my beloved neighbor’s houses….my trick or treating antics are pretty limited considering I am 28 😉

While I was there she showed me some beautiful knitted stuff she was making with two different threads together at the same time….so that is where this idea came from.

This handmade scarf was stitched using the double crochet stitch and made with tons of love. I definitely had a hard time parting with it, as I do love it a LOT. It is funky, and fun, and totally in your face! The pink is amazing by itself, but may be too “in your face” for some, so I used a white and navy thread to calm the pink down a little bit. The combination is amazing. It really stands out. It has fringe on the end of each side and is a substantially long scarf so you can wrap it for uber warmth. It is very soft as it is made out of acrylic. It can be machine washed but I always recommend using a gentle cycle in a knit bag or just hand-washing it. The thread does say it can be machine dryed but I would not if I were laundering it.

So here’s the nitty gritty:

Length: approx 70 inches long (fringe to fringe) by 3 1/2 inches wide

Color: navy blue and white with shocking hot pink

Material: Mostly Acrylic

Washing Instructions: Machine Washable (be gentle), hang to dry

To make a purchase please email me at

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