Light Green Shells and Waves Hat

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Price: $20.00 (USD) includes shipping

I found some awesome hat patterns when trying to make a nice fitted hat but this one had to be my favorite when I saw how it came out. It is a super snug perfect fit. It has holes so it is suffocatingly warm either. It is a perfect fall hat to transition into the colder temps of winter. It is about 7 inches long from top to bottom with a scalloped edge.

This handmade hat was made with tons of love.   It is machine washable on the hand wash or gentle cycle. Please lay flat to dry!

Size: Small-Medium Adult Female

Color: Light Green

Material: 100% Acrylic

Washing Instructions: Machine Washable (be gentle!), Lay flat to dry

To make a purchase please email me at


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It’s that time of year again!

I have been super busy with my schoolwork and other life things. I am still eating gluten free and feeling really pretty wonderful. I have my bad days, but my life used to only consist of bad days, so I am overjoyed at how I am feeling now! It’s been almost a year of this steady almost normal person life. Cross my fingers, I just want to keep going forward like this! So that’s the life update 🙂

Craft update:

I do have some more inventory to post, so I will work on getting some of that done very soon. Also, since it is getting cold again I am re-inspired to crochet more awesome wears. I have found that summer just isn’t as inspiring of a time to crochet. I need the cold weather to get cozy underneath whatever I am working on.

Jewelry is a whole different story and I will resume that as soon as I have some free time as well. I am very inspired to create new things, I have so many ideas floating around my head, I just need to get them into reality! I am trying to find that gentle balance between, classes, homework, housework, couponing, doctor appointments, and creative outlets. So far, I have only incorporated a few of that list into my life and am trying to find a way to have it all.

To anyone who reads this, thank you a thousand times for caring about me 🙂 I truly Love you!

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Pink and Black Star Stretchy Bracelet

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Price: $10.00 (USD) includes shipping

Super fun and and funky handmade stretchy pink and black star bracelet. Glass pink and black star beads with silver and black beads in between them. This will go super well with the pink star and pearl earrings also listed here. About 7 inches around unstretched, this bracelet is about the same size as the earth tone and the green stretchy bracelet. Since it is made on elastic cord it will fit a variety of wrist sizes. As always everything Crafting for Lyme makes is made with love.
To make a purchase please email me at

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A Bracelet for Sammie :)

I made this Bracelet for one of my best friends. I incorporated the most important things in life, the follow your heart charm, the pocketbook charm and a high heel charm, along with some shiny sparkly things. 😉 She loved it! I am so happy that she went crazy over it!!

Here are some pictures of it – if you click on them they get larger.

Before it left my house

Right when Sam received it 🙂

Thank you for the pictures love!!

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Red Double Stranded Necklace

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Price: $20.00 (USD) includes shipping SOLD

This was my first and only piece on etsy, I am trying to get more of my items onto etsy and not only through this blog.

What do you guys think of me putting my items for sale on etsy and only creating blogs to link over to etsy?? Please leave me comments with your thoughts. I have been back and forth on this idea for a while now.

This is a double stranded handmade necklace. It is mostly monochromatic with a Bright Red accents that just make this necklace pop out at you. The longest strand is 18 1/2 inches, the shorter strand is 16 1/2 inches long, with a metal lobster clasp connecting the two strands.

Size: double stranded, longest strand = 18 1/2″, shortest strand = 16 1/2″
Color: Black, Gray, Silver, Red
Material: Metal

Please direct any questions to or leave a comment 🙂

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Earth Tone Stretchy Bracelet

Click on the pictures they get bigger!

Price: $10.00 (USD) includes shipping

Handmade Brown Glass Beaded Stretchy Bracelet. This one measures almost 7 inches around. Fits perfectly on my wrist. I used some gorgeous brown  glass beads with brown and white glass seed beads between them. It is a little bit smaller than the pink stretchy one listed here, just for comparison. This one is also made on an elastic cord so it will fit a variety of wrist sizes. Made with Love <3.

To make a purchase please email me at

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New Life – Upcycle

So my Mom found a bunch of my Great-Grandmother’s or Grandmothers (not sure which)  broken jewelry to take apart and make into new creations. I am super excited to upcycle them into incredible pieces. It remains to be seen if I will be able to part with them, hahaha. Here is a picture of some of the new parts I get to work with 🙂 The white necklace in the second picture I am going to basically take apart to put it back together almost exactly as pictured, I may or may not put my own twist on it, but it is so gorgeous I can’t wait to wear it out! So here is the before shot….will post the “afters” as they are executed.

The picture below is from my photography project – project 365 (take a picture every day for a year)….If you want to see any of the other project pictures, they live at this link:

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